Best Debt Finance
credit protection insurance

Death, Permanent and Temporary Disability & Retrenchment are included in the policy.

The outstanding loan amount will be settled in full in case of a Death & Permanent Disability claim.

Retrenchment & Temporary disability – we will pay your outstanding monthly loan instalments until you are re-employed.

The premium will be included in your repayment amount and shown on your loan schedule.

Our branch personnel are not authorised to give insurance advice, but can explain the product.

The insurer is Guardrisk Insurance Company (FSP No 76), administered by Best Debt Finance (FSP No 46205).

Please contact us with any complaints. In an unlikely event that a complaint has not been resolved you may contact the Short Term Ombudsman on 011-7268900.

treating customers fairly

This product has been created to meet your requirements. We will at all times deliver on customer service and customer expectations by enforcing the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). The TCF principles ensure that we apply fairness to all client experiences relating to new business, policy terms, service, complaints and claims processes.

The TCF framework has 6 outcomes which are:

  1. You are confident that your fair treatment is key to our culture;
  2. Products and services are designed to meet your needs;
  3. We will communicate clearly, appropriately and on time during the lifespan of your Policy;
  4. We provide advice which is suitable to your needs and circumstances;
  5. Our products and services meet your standards and deliver what you expect;
  6. There are no unreasonable barriers to access our services, or to lodge a claim or to lodge a complaint.